Maximum file cache for R2

I’m planning to use R2 to deliver huge archive files (6 GB - 60 GB) is there anyway to make the downloads hit cache to improve performance on downloads, I get alot of complaints about poor download speeds/network errors, thanks in advance!

Cloudflare cacheable file limits:
Free, Pro and Business customers have a limit of 512 MB.
For Enterprise customers the default maximum cacheable file size is 5 GB. Contact your account team to request a limit increase.

If your files are that large, they simply won’t fit in edge cache without Enterprise. Potentially if you can, splitting them to fit in cache may be a viable option.

Even uncached though, R2 is plenty fast, I get upwards of~60-70 MB/s uncached, maxing out my connection.
I would try to get more information about those people complaining of slow download speeds/errors.

I get the same speeds, Its just my users I’m worried about, how would I spilt these files into the proper sizes, then also get them resembled by the client?

That depends on your application/how much control you have over it. It may not be a viable option for you, it’s just the only way you could really get those to fit in cache. If it’s an updater, or software you have direct control over, it could be as simple as downloading all of the chunks and splicing them together.
For example, in Javascript:
Not a perfect solution by any measure, not sure if Javascript would even be able to handle files that large.

This was just an idea, and more focused at the original question. Not sure if this would help the issue or not, as it could be something to do with their connection to Cloudflare rather then anything to do with cache.