Maximum DNS lookups exceeded

Hi. We are a training company and we send out emails to clients who are required to login to their portals to complete their online component. Unfortunately many students are not receiving their emails and in most cases it is because the email is going to the junk/spam folder. I’ve set up a txt:
v=spf1 a -all
and doing a DNS check I keep getting the error:
“Maximum DNS lookups exceeded. ISP could ignore your record.” with 23 “Total look ups”. Is there a service in which I can get someone to go through our DNS management as I have spent days trying to get emails working without going to junk but to no avail?

I’m not sure what this has to do with Cloudflare.

For spam testing, I use

For DNS, I use, and as a backup. Neither should limit your DNS lookups.

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This is probably a limitation of number of lookups allowed in the SPF record format, not Cloudflare specific but rather an RFC limitation that clients may choke on the record lookups required.

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Our LMS told us to add to the DNS settings in cloudflare, the DKIM DNS record and the SPF record. I’m worried my settings may be incorrect as DKIM testers are telling me the it’s not setup properly and I’m getting the DNS lookups exceeded error and are unsure how to proceed.

Use to check those settings. But there’s nothing we can help with regarding the actual records. Your mail host should be able to help.

As for the DNS lookups, now I understand. The SPF record goes too deep. Dmarcian has a tool to untangle your SPF record, though you might be able to use include: statements as well. Again, an email administrator should be able to help with these DNS records. Cloudflare DNS will just do what you to tell it to do.


Thanks @sdayman.

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