Maximum bill warnings or controls to stop potential unbounded invoices

Would it be possible to add some controls around account billing to somehow cap the maximum that can be charged especially for usage based items such as argo or workers?

I’ve been trying to convince some customers to enable these sorts of options for different reasons but it is a hard sell while these options have unbounded potential cost. The end customer in this case is not technical so is unlikely to login to the dashboard - they will pay an IT consultant to come in, set it up, and then basically leave it.

This isn’t just a Cloudflare issue, they are also concerned about Azure, AWS etc where unbounded data egress can be a concern, but Azure at least has an email warning about billing thresholds being breached, but does not limit.

Of course I understand that implementing these sorts of limits is painful, so some suggestions
a) Hard limit. When I hit X, access stops - or in the case of Argo it reverts to normal access
b) Velocity limit. If request rate is > X per minute/hour/etc, then slow responses by Y.
c) Insurance model. Charge $x/month to cap maximum usage bill to $y

To be honest, most of the concerns are coming from smaller sites whose monthly bill is likely to be a pro-subscription and maybe $50 usage charges. Larger sites tend to have IT staff onboard and are prepared to monitor it.