Maximizing Speed

Im trying my best to maximize speed with cloudflaire.

And bought the following Cloudflare services for 8338ezcash

  • Dedicated SSL
  • Argo
  • Business Account

I have also enabled the following settings:

  • Cacheing level = Standard
  • Browser Cache = 16 days
  • Auto Minify = css, javascript, html
  • Polish = lossless with WebP
  • Brotli = Active
  • Mirage = Active
  • Rocket Loader = Active

Are there any settings to maximize speed? Do I need to do a page rule per page? I have none set.

Thanks for your time and feedback inn advance.

If you mostly have static content only, you will see maximum performance by enabling ‘Cache Everything’:

Thanks I’ll give it a shot, but according to this link [](Cloudflare default cached files) it looks like it covers all the files I use.

Do I still need to make a page rule for this?

By default it doesn’t cache HTML.

Its running on wordpress though.

As you have a Business plan account, you will have access to Bypass Cache on Cookie page rule which when configured correctly can work wonders too - see Caching Anonymous Page Views

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