Maximize Caching Idea


Any thoughts on this idea:

To maximize caching for the free plan can we do this: (As I am getting low cache hit rates)
Make a page rule to cache everything for wp-content* and wp-includes* folders.
I dont believe any dynamic content are in these folders as most caching plugins have these 2 folders listed by default. Would this work ? It should not break the website right ?
This should cache more stuff possibly.

Any thoughts from leaders or Cloudflare pros on this idea?


Most of the stuff in there is already cached by default (see link below). But that Page Rule is a good start. Just add on that you want to set Edge Cache to something really high, like a month.

Keep in mind that stuff in the cache won’t always stay in there as long as you want. Cloudflare will expire items early if they’re not being used. Higher traffic sites have higher cache hit rates because more people in more places are hitting those resources on a regular basis.


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