Max Upload Size Issue

I actually tried that with one of my other active domains, since they’re all having this issue, but unfortunately it didn’t resolved the problem.

In this case my only advice for now would be to check the server logs where it throws the 413. That should give you some hint as to what is going on.

Yeah that’s the frustrating part. They’re claiming that they don’t see anything thrown in the logs so they’re blaming CloudFlare for the issue. I still haven’t heard back from an engineer, hopefully they can shed a little more light on it.

In this case they should explain where the OpenResty part in that error message comes from. Cloudflare does not have such error messages and it is highly unlikely it is a cached response from an earlier attempt.

To be sure, purge your cache, attempt an upload, and if you receive the 413, note down the exact time and forward it to your host to check their logs for that timestamp.

Just an update with this, I’ve been going back and forth between Cloudflare and my Host. With an average response time of 2-3 days from Cloudflare, its taking awhile. Still no resolution. Regarding the OpenResty part, my server runs on Litespeed, not OpenResty, so we’re still at a loss as to where that message could be coming from.

What did you host say? The 413 should show up in the logs.

They still show no errors in their log when this happens. I tested it live with them and can verify that no error is thrown in the Litespeed server log when this error pops up. The error is being thrown from OpenResty and they don’t run OpenResty on any of their servers. They only use Apache or Litespeed, depending on the server. My particular server is Litespeed. If it were their server throwing the 413 message it should say Litespeed not OpenResty.

And you only have that one IP address configured for that domain? Not that there might be a second record which then points to another server, which actually is running OpenResty.

Correct, I just have have 1 IP.

In this case I am afraid I wouldnt be able to assist any more without actually being able to look and test the live configurations. Cloudflare does not run OpenResty to the best of my knowledge, your host also claims not to run that server and yet we get that error from somewhere.

Yeah its very strange. I wish I had a better answer. Hopefully I’ll be able to get something figured out between cloudflare and my hosts support eventually. Thanks for all of your help, Sandro.


I have a problem with a bunch of sites, 2 of them reports 413 file size to large but the image in question is only 2,5 MB. Seam like an error to me in some way, any one else got this problem?

No one?? The problem dissapears if I chnge the Nameservers so that Cloudflare isnt used.

Can you provide the exact error, and a curl command to reproduce the issue?

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No curl, the error is generated by openresty which the host does not use. There are no error logs as the error is created by Cloudflare.

I believe @user4456 that yours is the same issue as here. Cloudflare doesn’t use openresty as far as it’s known here.

After many days of support emails between CloudFlare and KnownHost, KnownHost finally figured out the issue and, as suspected, it was on their end and they have resolved the problem for me. Its an issue with Imunify360 specifically.

Here’s what they said in their last response.

It appears related to an option in Imunify360 called “Detect IPs behind CDN”. Figuring this out was basically a lucky guess as there were no logs related to this at all.
If you can confirm things working as expected now we’ll make a go at the Imunify support team with these findings and see what they have to say.

The setting we’re referring to is “known_proxies_support” described here: ( ) or the WebShield / Detect IPs behind CDN setting through the GUI.

This corrected the issue for me.

Hopefully this info will help you @user4456.

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Same issue as I can't access to Plesk Panel through Cloudflare

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Here’s a more specific response from my host on how the fixed the issue:

The setting we’re referring to is “known_proxies_support” described here: ( ) or the WebShield / Detect IPs behind CDN setting through the GUI.

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