Max-age and edge TTL limit

It’s not completely clear to me if the edge cache TTL limits (30 minutes for the business plan) override what my origin server will provide in the max-age directive. I have a use-case for a 1 second cache, and before I start doing R&D to get it working, I’d like to know if we need to upgrade from the business plan to an enterprise plan. Can anybody provide insight on the TTL limit?

Also has anybody set up a 1 second cache for a resource? We have a service that generates jpeg images from a video stream on a 1 second interval, and I’m interested in having cloudflare cache the majority of our incoming requests to those images.

Your question is a bit unclear. If you want specific images to cache on Cloudflare for ONE second (and one second only), can’t you just set cache-control: max-age=1 for these resources?

I’m struggling to see how a 1-second edge cache will be effective though. You would need loads of requests to the same resource, from the same Cloudflare edge location, within 1 second for a resource to be served from Cloudflare cache.

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