Matching SSL certificate and private key pair


I bought a ssl for a domain from CloudFlare. A company which will services to us they want to ssl keys. I sent all pem and certifiacates to them but they couldnt fix it. They last message is;
“Hi guys, you only have a single ssl and what we need is this:
Matching SSL certificate and private key pair that we can install on our load balancers”

What should i do ?


Cloudflare doesn’t sell SSL certificates to install on your server. But you can get their free Cloudflare-Only Origin SSL keys to install at your end.


Are you sure? You can buy Dedicated SSL Certificate or Dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom Hostnames. I can use these?



What type of plan are you on?


Those keys are what Cloudflare will put on the Cloudflare proxy server for your domain. It doesn’t give you the private key for that because those certs aren’t for your origin server.

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