Massively long loading times via Telekom Deutschland vs. VPS usage

Massively long loading times via Telekom Deutschland vs. VPS usage

Hello everyone,

I have several websites running via Cloudflare and have been observing a strange phenomenon for about 2-3 weeks.

When I access my own websites that run via Cloudflare via my PC’s standard connection (LAN → router, i.e. no wifi), they load extremely slowly and sometimes incompletely. This applies to all my sites that run via Cloudflare.

All other sites, streaming, FTP, download, YouTube etc. are NOT affected. Only when I call up my own pages, as I said, and use the standard connection via Deutsche Telekom (DSL via Fritz!Box router).

It doesn’t matter whether I’m using a PC, laptop (Linux), laptop (Win10) or smartphone (Android, iOS). They are all connected via WLAN or LAN. No matter which browser I use (Chrome, Opera, FF etc.). It’s always the same with the slow loading.

But now it gets interesting: As soon as I activate a VPN (ProtonVPN) and load my pages via the VPN, everything is back to normal. No matter which city (Berlin/Frankfurt) or which country (DE/NL/CH etc.) I use as the VPN access point!

As soon as I switch off the VPN again and use the “normal” connection (Telekom/DSL), my pages load very slowly again.

I used “tracert” in the Windows command prompt and you can see that it is normal at first, but then the times between the individual nodes take a very long time. The same test with VPN gives normal results.

When friends of mine at other locations load my pages (or customers) everything is normal for them. speed (dot) cloudflare (dot) com also looks quite normal.

It can’t be a fault as it is now taking 2 weeks or longer. I have done a lot of research and read about “peering problems” between Deutsche Telekom and Cloudflare.

Can anyone tell me what the reason is or what I can do (apart from switching on VPN to see my own sites :slight_smile:

Thanks for any tips.

Thanks, PM666


Thanks a lot sjr for the link!