Massive SSL/TLS mess - Cloudflare error page still after removing my site from Cloudflare service completely

This doesn’t look good

Something else, the main domain on the account, which has it’s own Lets Encrypt Cert and is not using CF. When you goto: it goes to the webmail login page but it’s not encrypted. That doesn’t seem right.

You configured an Origin certificate earlier, didnt you?

Right now that does not seem to be in place.

I didn’t remake one yet. But everything should have been covered under the origional origin correct? I mean it listed and * which I would presume includes

I’ll try a new Origin

The issue is there is no Origin certificate, hence no wildcard either.

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Oh wait…that Certificate is issued by Lets Encrypt. With an expiration date of May 10. I bet a Bluehost technician did this. I deleted this Certificate after creating an Origin yesterday. It appears like it was installed around 10am today.

I follow you…I think Bluehost technician deleted the origin I installed and re-installed Lets Encrypt. Fixing this now…

That totally fixed it. Apparently the technicican that was supposed to “take a look at things” from a support call I made 2 days ago finally took a look. Deleted the CF cert, and re-installed a Let’s Encrypt cert sometime this AM.

Works fine now!

Thanks for the help again.

I know I’m late to the party, but I have a suggestion if this happens again.

I was hosted on Bluehost for years and they are a Cloudflare partner company. This means they offer push button integration with CF. Before SSL certs were free and http was more common, toggling CF off and on, or pausing it was much simpler.

Last time I used Bluehost’s integration there were certificate mismatches. I ended up writing a blog article about it and posted a link to it in Cloudflare Community. There were also DNS problems similar to what the OP described in this topic.

When you encounter DNS problems and cert mismatches after trying to integrate Cloudflare into your web host, via their integration system, and it goes bad, go to your cpanel and reset the DNS to default settings for your website. Also change the nameservers back to your webhost and edit your .htaccess to comment out or remove any lines pointing to Cloudflare. This has to propagate and you may or may not see the changes for a while. In my case I was able to see the changes relatively quickly, then work on sorting out the problems (which I blogged about).