Massive SSL/TLS mess - Cloudflare error page still after removing my site from Cloudflare service completely

not for me yet.

I still get error 526 on my phone and on my PC when I click on anything, error 526. Probably just needs to propagate longer?

That will be a propagation issue.

You simply had the wrong IP address, respectively aforementioned Cloudflare integration on.

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So I need to change the record in CF to the .65 address and remove the .145 address before turning CF back on, correct?


annnnnnnd it works! :grinning:

You have a crypto wallet address? (or Paypal/Venmo) I’ll buy you a cup (or two) or coffee…

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Thanks for the offer, but I am good :slight_smile:

You could make a donation to a local animal welfare centre, if you want.




Thank you :bowing_man:t2:

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Hey buddy, old pal. Everything is working sweet. Except I’m getting a 526 error on webmail subdomain. There was no MX record for some reason so I had to fix that. I created an A record in CF points to the Bluehost IP and there is already a webmail subdomain record on the Bluehost side. When I disable CF, it resolves correctly and I can login (no SSL).

Any thoughts on what I’ve got wrong here?

More Info: When I created the Origin certificate I made sure to include the webmail sub-domain and confirmed just now, it’s actually listed on the cert that is installed on Bluehost.

A 526 suggests you have an invalid certificate on your server. Make sure you have a proper certificate there.

Okay, I will create a new Origin cert and install it on the server.

Maybe I’m missing something here…but if the Origin cert by default protects and * and the certificate is working fine for then how is it possible that isn’t protected or working correctly?

It is, but is that the same server?

Oh…you’re saying the web server and mail server are physically separate servers?

I am not saying that, as I cant know that :wink: but if they are, and you havent installed the certificate on the other machine too, that would explain it.

I think you’re probably right and this would def explain it. If this is the case then I’m probably SOL. I don’t think Bluehost is going to give me access or install a cert of mine on their mail server

How did you configure the webmail record? As A record, right? Would a CNAME be possible too?

Let me try…

Yes, as an A record

How did you set up that record in the first place? If it is supposed to be reachable under that hostname, your host should provide a valid certificate. If not, it wouldnt work anyhow.