Massive spike in reported traffic after using Zaraz for Google Analytics

We recently changed over using traditional GA code on our page to the Zaraz method, and removed the regular GA script from the HTML of our site.

Analytics has been working normal, but reported an extremely high spike in traffic after going with Zaraz:

We know this traffic spike isn’t accurate as other metrics such as Cloudflare’s own traffic charts and other 3rd party scripts show no change at all.

Does anyone have an idea of have encountered something like this?

Could be because most desktop users use uBlock origin which blocks Google Analytics tracking, have you noticed any difference in mobile traffic? Most mobile users don’t have adblock

Some bot or Facebook scrapper, or even some Google Media-partner / Media monitoring tool (service), just for example? :thinking:

Please try to turn off auto-injection and install Zaraz manually. We’ve seen cases where it helped.

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@rob30 Did you ever find the cause of this spike? Or have you seen any other issues with GA after switching? I’m researching using Zaraz for our company as well.