Massive issue

hello i have a problem.
i’ve moved to cloud flare this evening and i have noticed a massive issue that i have since moving,
my server connection log is showing 1000’s of connection to the server even through the client have only signed in once and this is causing my server to crash and go offline as it cant handle the amount of connections that arent actually there.

i have taken my site off cloud flare and everything is fine as it should be but as soon as i out my side back to cloud flare all the fake connections return again.
i have also noticed that these fake connections all have cloud flare IP addresses.

can you please help me sort this issues

many thanks

They are not fake connections but will originate either from legitimate connections or crawlers. The reason why they show up with Cloudfare IP addresses is because you opted to tunnel your traffic through Cloudflare, in which case traffic is - well - tunnelled through Cloudflare and all connections will come from Cloudflare. You need to rewrite IP addresses to restore the previous state and get the actual addresses of the clients.

Can you share an excerpt of these connections from your log?

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i only use this cos a friend swaers by you and says your all singing and dancing best site eta out there…as for tunneling traffic via cloud flare i didnt think such a big site would need to add such traffic to the point where its fake traffic

and how do i rewrite this ip thing?

and they are indeed FAKE connections as the client is only signed in ONCE not hundreds of times like your software is claiming

and what do you mean by an excerpt of the connections?

@ben.fry71, Cloudflare’s software isn’t claiming anything. What you’re seeing is Cloudflare proxying the connections. The IP addresses you see in the logs aren’t the real IP addresses. Even though you see multiple IP addresses for each user, that doesn’t actually mean they’re logged in multiple times.

It’s certainly possible that some of these connections are automated, but there’s no way to be certain without fixing the IP address situation. See if you can follow the instructions here: You may need to contact your hosting provider for assistance or recommendations.


the software im seeing the issues on is called VRS virtual radar server. its currently running on a windows server not a linux…can i still use this link you sent me?

You can, but it’s a bit technical, so you may want to seek the assistance of someone you trust who’s familiar with the process.

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