Massive DDoS Attacks, Firewall Rules not working


4-6h ago I’ve noticed I was getting DDos’d massively… Here are some screenshots Screenshot by Lightshot - Screenshot by Lightshot - Screenshot by Lightshot

So once I noticed this after 30mins of happening, I turned on under attack mode and Web Application Firewall. So when I tried to make firewall rules to block China Screenshot by Lightshot (I’ve also tried equals) it basically doesn’t work at all… just to be sure I tested it with blocking my own country… again it doesn’t do anything… It just stays like this Screenshot by Lightshot on 0 for activity.

Note: (this is the htaccess I always use, I don’t know if something blocks it for the rules to work?)

Can someone guide me with this? I contacted my hosting and they told me to restart apache and csf via SSH but the terminal couldn’t find csf…

Screenshot by Lightshot, the whole hosting slowed completely… need a fix for this asap

Update: There seems to be an issue with firewall rules at the time. Now it’s fixed however I do have a question about this rule setup: Screenshot by Lightshot

What and when will the known bots be blocked? If it also matches the China Country rule, or are these 2 separate since I selected OR … ?

And can someone explain exactly what blocking known bots will do? ex; if someone searches my site on google… and clicks on it… will he get blocked?

Hi @krhnsafak,

Looking at your screenshot, currently if the visitor comes from China or if it’s a known bot, it will be blocked.

Known bots tend to be search engines and crawlers, so you may not want to block them as your ranking in search engines could go down. The full list is covers is at:

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