Massive DDoS Attack


We are currently experiencing government sponsored ddos attack.

Any thoughts? We already followed Cloudflare best practices but still not enough.

Regarding traffic analytics, is your Website unresponsive?
Have you activated β€œI am under an attack!” mode?

May I just add usefull articles here:

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If the attack is not adapting its requests to a certain threshold, enable rate-limiting. If they are able to solve the captcha then the only option would be to block the visitors.

Also, if they are indeed solving the JavaScript as well as Captcha challenges, it’s likely that the attack is coming from a botnet, Try blocking old browser engines and outdated SSL/TLS.
If the attack is not coming from a botnet but is highly distributed through a set of proxies, you might want to simply block proxies/vpn(s) using Cloudflare managed lists.

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