Massive DDoS Attack From Cloudflare

Since yesterday, our network recieved massive DDos attack flow from Cloudflare address

This pictcure is only a small part of our packet captured from one router. And there are thounds of device in our network recieved this kind of flow attack. I’d like to know why this happend and how I can solved it, thanks guys.

Did you see a spike of traffic in Cloudflare dashboard analytics?

I’m not sure what this is. If it’s hitting thousands of devices, all with different IP addresses, I’m thinking it may be coming through WARP.

we don’t use cloudflare service. we just recieve flows from cloudflare address and our devices send back RST packet that ran out of system resource

Hard to tell with only that information, however, you could be a victim of a SYN-ACK spoofed DDoS attack.


ok, i see, thanks

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