Massive attack from China seems to overwhelm CloudFlare

I am new to Cloudflare a few days ago because our forum was undergoing a DDoS attack. We had fifteen hundred guests attached to the forum. Since Cloudflare guests dropped down to a normal 100 or less. Speed picked up greatly. I could see on the map that approx 1500 requests were coming from China.

After a couple of days of vast improvement, I could see the requests from China climbing. Now it is over half a million and it is starting to overwhelm our host server again. The guests remain at a normal level, however.

Please give some ideas about how to cope with this. We are just a patient support forum and I am stunned anyone is going to this much trouble to attack us.

Thanks so much for any explanation. or help. This is all very new to me even though our forum is 15 years old.

For starters you could impose a JavaScript or captcha challenge on Chinese connections. You can do that via IP access rules ->


Thank you so much Sandro. Giving your time to help is so appreciated when I feel clueless.
I think I followed your suggestion by entering “China” and selecting Captcha Challenge and clicking “ADD”. It seemed to add the rule so now will see.

Thanks again.!

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That should be it. There should be now an entry for China which configures a captcha challenge. If there are automated requests from China and they go through Cloudflare, there should be noticeably fewer now.

So far it is looking great.
Everything is lightning fast again thanks to your help.

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