Mass Email Spamming Phishing Isue

There is a spammer who sends out thousands of sex phishing spam emails every day using close to 150 different domains, which I have created a list of. The emails all contain very crude, tasteless, inappropriate and fake sexual offers along with nude photos and pornographic animated gifs and together with malicious links that redirect to one of the fraudsters many domains.

All of the email headers indicate that they are coming from servers in Ukraine and Russia and all the spam phishing emails contain malicious links that direct to one of the spammer’s 150 domains. All of these domains are using Cloudflare and are registered with mainly 2 registrars.

If I send an email to abuse AT cloudflare DOT com to report the matter I get a scripted auto-reply telling me that they are only a proxy server and are not responsible for content, etc.

Is there any way to stop this spam phishing abuse? I receive at least 50 spam emails from these domains everyday and I am sure that thousands of other people receive them too.

I can provide more information if needed about the domain names, the registrars involved, the domain registrant info, etc.

If the Abuse department has already investigated this, then I’m afraid there’s nothing else to pursue with regard to Cloudflare. You’d have to take this up with the entities you’ve listed, such as the email hosts and domain registrars.

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