Mass CONNECT Requests from Malicious Domains and IPs

I am hosting an NGINX server at home. I have two websites. My internet has been feeling a little slow recently, and I decided to tail my access.log.
I see many connect requests from suspicious domains, some having to do with proxies and others such as eBay or Amazon.
Some of these suspicious domains are

    Do not forget these are likely malicious websites, do NOT click on them
    I recently switched to Linux. I was originally running an XAMPP server on Windows. I installed MalwareBytes on that machine, and it was blocking many requests.
    I am anxious about my server and hope that it is not being used for malicious intentions.
    What I’m looking for is
  • A way to stop the CONNECT requests
  • Decrease incoming traffic for how small my website is (700 visitors in the past 30 websites is far too much for how much I advertised it)
    If it helps at all with the issue, I am hosting a Minecraft server on port 25565 and a instance.

Another thing I forgot to mention was I do have that built in Xfinity xfi “firewall stuff.” It recently blocked ~10 requests to malicious websites when I was still using Windows. I switched over to Linux and those requests have shrunk. I still see one warning with “Suspicious Site Visit,” which is still much lower than what I was receiving before.

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