Masking URL Forwarding


Hello, i’ve found a very bad security issue regarding URL Forwarding, i forwarded a subdomain address to a IP address, but there’s no way to mask it? Thats very bad. :confused:


If I understand you correctly, you do a URL forwarding from a subdomain (for example to a set of IP address (for example using a Page Rule.

If so, then the browser will redirect all visitor of the subdomain to the IP address directly without ‘masking’ it. You’ll need A/AAAA/CNAME record for that.

But if you think you have found a security issue, please go to Cloudflare’s HackerOne Bug Bounty Program or directly to Cloudflare Support instead of posting the issue at a public forum.


I have already made (A Record) with the subdomain in mention.
Then i created a URL Forward to the external ISP IP address, with a portnumber attached to it.


Typing in the url from the subdomain, sends you to the IP as it is ment to, but doesn’t mask it, it’s very much visible…

I can’t find any info or mentioning how to mask it, from what i’ve understood, Cloudflare doesn’t support masking of URL Forwarding.

And yes, it’s a PageRule i’ve created. :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying.

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