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I’m hosting a forum and i’m using cloudflare for sercurity and optimization.

Everything was working fine since months, but few weeks ago I saw that the visitors IPs were not anymore masked.
Before this problem, everyone Ips were Cloudflare ips, wich give to our members some kind of privacy and security.
But now, for some reason members IPs are showed and not proxysed anymore. We’ve changed nothing on our server, We even changed server, but the problem is still there.

Anyone know how my members ips can be proxysed again? thanks you
(I’m using Invision community as CMS for the forum)

Real CF visitor IPs show up in the request headers X-Forwarded-For and Cf-Connecting-Ip, as per

My guess for why this happened is sort of software update or configuration update, likely in your forum software, might have applied a ‘fix’ that restores visitor IPs based on one of these headers.


Thanks you for your anwser

Do you think it can be from the server side? because there is no changes wich has been made since the problem appeared

Cloudflare’s handling of IP addresses most definitely hasn’t changed. Any changes you see would have to come from a change at the server.

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