Marking Phish contents

For one of my website, I allow user-hosted HTML, CSS, js content. And there is more chance people sometimes use this service for phishing campaigns.

Currently, Cloudflare shows phish warning page. And that is great. But reporting it to the hosting provider is a bad idea at that stage.

In the dashboard, it is recommended to provide options for these to manage scams, phish contents, etc… So that we allow Cloudflare to auto-detect any kind of these contents on our website and mark it as bad content (or show a warning page to users.)

Providing these options on the dashboard will be great.

Think about more serious campaings where law enforcement angencies are involved. Showing this on the dashboard would let “real” phishers immediately know that they’ve been caught. Sending reports to abuse teams is standard and a necessary process.

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ohh. i don’t think about that. Anyway I need to have some stronger methods to prevent phishing on my website.