Marking A Question Or A Post as SPAM

Last week, I posted a technical issue with my website and it was marked as spam. I asked the subsequent question as below;

Now, my issue is resolved but I was wondering why did I have to post the question twice, after seeing my original post being marked as SPAM. Was it done by the official moderator of CloudFlare or a general member? If general members can so easily mark people’s posts as SPAM, who else gets to decide or see whether it was rightly or wrongly marked?

This was my first time posting experience on CloudForum and I want to know about “spam marking” procedure so that I can safely post my questions next time, or totally avoid asking questions here if anyone can willy-nilly mark my genuine post as spam, wasting my time and effort.

Thanks for your time reading this and hopefully you can point me in right direction.

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I’m not sure if anybody can flag a post, but in general it is done by a small group of volunteers. Typical reasons (other than obvious garbage) include not giving any useful information, attempting to hide links in the content (a form of backlink spam) and posts that give the completely wrong answer (which will potentially make the users problem worse). But the main reason these days is using the MoreHelp flag on a first post.

There is a Community Tip on how to ask questions here, but it helps to provide the following:

  • What you expect to happen
  • What is actually happening
  • Any errors you receive
  • Steps to recreate the issue
  • What you have already tried
  • The domain name that is having an issue
  • Screenshots always help (you can include these in the post, rather than linking to an external site)
  • A Support ticket number if you have one.

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