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Hi, we are struggling with a Recaptcha Cloudflare problem. We connected with Marketo. At the beginning they claimed that they don’t use CloudFlare, but (after our proof below) the next consultant admitted that they do use CloudFlare.
I will drop here the e-mail which we sent them. Is someone is able to answers on questions below?


First of all, all traffic from our locations in the US (~80) is routed through 3 (three) IPs.

Roughly a month ago we started getting reports from our community that the forms on the website are not working from the locations. We managed to narrow it down to that this is more or less the same issue as here:

We traced the domain to which the form is submitted to marketo app to be routed through CloudFlare.

Then got the IP traced through the IP lookup:

That got us a confirmation that the CloudFlare may be blocking us, despite the Marketo consultants claiming that Marketo is not using CloudFlare:

After we presented this on the call, we got no acknowledgment of the issue, but the forms suddenly started to work overnight, like someone would remove the block. That’s great, but it took us a very long time to fix and it’s a real loss on data and leads.

I think even with your last response we know no more than we did previously. We really need to know what can we do to avoid this in the future and how can we effectively get this sorted if it happens again. Let me reiterate our previous questions:

  1. Does Marketo Cloudflare account have a threshold defined for excessive traffic? X number of submits for Y amount of time
  2. How long does blacklist last on Cloudflare?
  3. How to determine which IP addresses have been blacklisted? How can we monitor
  4. If they see the issue again, who can they get in touch with to clear blacklist? Support is not aware of the complicated setup of these type of issues. Can they have account manager aware of issues?
  5. What should be avoided? How to mitigate this issue?
  6. Can they whitelist permanently our office IP’s for Marketo Cloudflare?

Hi and welcome


That is something on Marketo side. Btw: i get a Connection refused when I try to access your link.
What does the captcha look like? There are differences.

  1. No one will answer questions about security settings of a Cloudflare customer.
  2. depends
  3. depends on how this domain is set up
  4. This Forum, Cloudflare’s Support. For anything else they need to be on an Enterprise plan.
  5. Keep your source IP clean of any massive abusive behavior
  6. Sure.

There are different ways to challenge a client. You can challenge everyone, clients above a specific threat score, countries, IP ranges, ASNs.

I am sorry your’re havin issues with their services but If these challenges are caused by security settings, (they most likely are) it’s totally of Cloudflare’s control.

Try Firefox or Chrome with Privacy Pass. No guarantee that it will solve your issue.

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