Marketing emails not sending from our domain

Marketing emails not sending from our domain.

We are doing our email marketing and lead tracking with Genoo. We intend the emails from their system to be sent from our domain. They gave us DNS instructions for setting up our SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records. The DNS is verifying on their end. Their tests show the ‘genoomail include,’ but it is not executing. So, right now we are only able to send emails from We cannot send them from our domain (

Genoo has, at times, found an issue with the length of the TXT record in the DNS that does the SPF setting. Whether it is that or something else, they believe the issue is in our settings somewhere.

I am not a DNS guru. I can add and edit records, but I don’t know how to troubleshoot this. Can someone give me some basic guidance?


Here’s a good test for marketing emails:

Thank you for the link. The SPF and DKIM config test showed a “possible” issue with the DKIM key, but Genoo has confirmed that the record is properly entered. DNS is still verifying for Genoo. A test email was sent to me and ended up in my Junk Mail folder, but at least it arrived and was sent from our domain, so we’re continuing to troubleshoot it with Genoo. If you have any additional thoughts, I’d be interested.

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