Mapping my domain to zoom meeting

I am trying point my domain dns to redirect to my zoom meeting room URL. meaning I want to point exampl1com to zoommeetingurl1com
I tried the page rule but it doest work.
thank you!

Make sure any domain/subdomain you are redirecting from has a DNS record. Use a dummy proxied value of A or AAAA 100:: if the domain is for redirect only.

Otherwise, what is the domain you are redirecting from?

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thank you!
the domain is motyzoom1com

I tried the dummy A didnt work I got Host Error

Can you show a screenshot of your page rule or redirect rule?

Do you want to redirect or or both?

You need a DNS record for the one you want to redirect, or both. Plus a page rule that redirects one or both.

If you want to redirect both, then create another dummy DNS record for www and change your page rule to redirect **.


thank you so much it worked.