Mapping a subfolder on a vercel deployment (404 deployment not found)

I would like to map to (also* to*) is managed on Cloudflare. is managed on Vercel.

For (Cloudflare), currently there is a rule (origin rules) like below

origin_rules = [
description = "prd"
enabled = true
expression = "( eq \"\" and starts_with(http.request.uri.path, \"/test/\"))"
action_parameters = {
sni = [{
value = ""
origin = [{
host = ""

This rewrite correctly on Vercel but there is something missing as i got a 404 deployment not found. any ideas ?

Hi there,

A 404 always comes from the origin.

Please take a look at this documentation that might serve the purpose you require:

Take care.

In that case, origin works perfectly (

The error is not a typical 404, but this below

I’ve asked Vercel, it is not on their side but more on the rule that have been created on cloudlfare. I’ll try working with Workers

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