Map service

Hi I have a quick but important question:

I need optimize this site/page

(map service)

There are a lot of users and it is overloaded! Is it possible cloudflare solved this, what additional tool can I use?


This hostname is currently not proxy through Cloudflare. You will need to enable orange cloud in your DNS tab this will allow Cloudflare to start proxy your web traffic. Which then you can configure your caching optimisation in order to benefit from all Cloudflare’s features.

Here is the tutorail: Step 3: Enabling the 'Orange Cloud'

thank you for you fast response!

Then yes! it is possible to improve traffic. My question is because I want information before hiring the cloudflare plan.


2 questions:
  1. As far as I understand, we still need to host the websites in our servers. Clients will find the Cloudflare edges with address. Cloudflare will cache the content by reaching our servers and it will serve the other clients from its own cache?
  2. Could it cache the map on the sismos page? Is there any or how much non-cachable content we have?
  1. Yes. Cloudflare is just a proxy server to an existing website.
  2. Cloudflare will only cache static files from your domain. If it’s not a panamaigc-up hostname, Cloudflare won’t cache it. Hopefully that other service is optimized.

@sdayman thanks for this.

So, there is no possibility to optimize website traffic with cloudflare.

with no tools?