Many website downtimes

Hello to all the Cloudflare Community.
I’ve been receiving many alert messages from Jetpack WordPress Plugin that my sites are been having downtimes many times (content in Spanish):

I contacted my hosting provider (which is Hostinger Mexico), and they told me that it may be DNS problems and told me to ask the Cloudflare support team in order to identify these problems.

I have 1 website that is in the PRO plan (and I don’t receive alert problems from this website), but I have other 2 websites that are on the FREE plan that indeed I receive down alerts (the downtime is from 20 minutes to 2 HOURS) and this is NOT FUNNY and even the free version shouldn’t have this kind of problems.

Please, I need help to resolve this problem AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


Websites having problems:

DNS looks okay, so your host most likely is wrong on this.

What is the actual error message? Right now the sites are loading. Most of the time this is an issue with your host and they need to fix this, but for more details you’d need to know the actual error.

Yes indeed they are loading now, but, do you notice any error in any DNS error log before? These downtimes appear suddenly and when it appear, I am not in the monitor.

It is impossible to say whether there were any DNS errors before, but that is generally rather unlikely. In order to say anything more concrete it is necessary to know what the exact error is when the site is not reachable.

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Alright, I’ll put alarm monitor from jetpack’s emails in order to see how looks the website when Jetpack says it’s down and see the error that is returning.
By now, thanks for the quick reply Sandro!

Depending on the error, check out #Tutorials as that covers (almost) all Cloudflare specific errors along with tips what to do.

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