Many visitors


My website has not worked on prod version yet. I have there only html site that inform visitors with the information “the website will be ready soon”.
However i have over 1600 visitors per day (over 17 000 per month). How to check it if it not a bot?

Your server logs should have enough information to investigate.

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I’m sorry for such simple question but my server admin is not working. What command is the best to check the logs in Linux?

It depends on your server setup. They would usually be in /var/logs or your home directory.


I used /var/log/messages but i can’t interpret the data. What things do i have to pay attention to?

What web server software you are running? If it’s Apache, typically it’s located in /var/log/apache2 (Ubuntu/Debian based Linux) or /var/log/httpd (CentOS/Red Hat Linux). If you are running Nginx, usually it’s located in /var/log/nginx.

I use Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) x86_64 with nginx 1.14.2

The situation is weird a bit because i have around 1500 unique visitors per day according to cloudflare statistics, however around 2-4 visitors according to google analytics. How should i interpret that?