Many users under my name

i first want to say sorry about my grammar (caps lock button has been out of order). anyways i see that there are 5 other different ip addresses all linking to Cloudflare under my username on my site that are logged in. is this normal? i even had a hacking attack linked to Cloudflare that was blocked

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Do you mean that in your website logs it’s always showing the same IP’s or IP’s from Cloudflare and which logs are you seeing this in?

yes this is what i see

Because Cloudflare is a proxy, you’ll see Cloudflare IP’s in logs such as AWstats or Webalizer. If you’re using WordPress and something like Wordfence, you can can change WordFence to view the actual IP’s under options > How does Wordfence get IPs

i’m using all in one security wp and started setting it up today (maybe i’ll get wordfence though). so, i have nothing to freak out about?

also it is different ips from Cloudflare

The Cloudflare IP’s are normal. And it’s good that that you have a security plugin. If you ever want to secure your website further, search “hardening WordPress”

that’s great to know, thank you so much!

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Your welcome @tinzuniga

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