Many sites using cloudflare not working from Uzbekistan

I think some cloudlfare's nodes are down or have network issues.

I can't connect to `` (cloudlfare ip: ``)
but when i tried to connect the other domain on the same server, it works.
`` (cloudflare ip: ``)

and other sites using like `` (``), `` (``), `` (``) are not working.

`` are also using cloudflare. But i'ts working (ip: ``)

Can i switch cloudflare proxy on to some other? Or is it already changed, but our ISP provider giving us outdated DNS records?

It sounds consistent with previous episodes where ISP’s are blocking individual Cloudflare IP addresses, perhaps as an attempt to block certain websites.

Contact the ISP’s that are blocking the mentioned IP addresses and have them rectify their blocks.

You can eventually refer them to: The unintended consequences of blocking IP addresses.

The Proxy status does not allow for such kind of granularity, such as switching it on for some, but off for others, if that is what you’re asking about.

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