Many Sites google cache shows my site URL and content

I am using cloudflare service. However, there are sites that seems like they ping to my site and scrape the content and trying to steak my google rankings. I had informed google report spam report cloaking etc but google doesn’t take any actions. Could cloudflare help?

None of those sites are on Cloudflare and are on different servers from each other. What makes you think they ping to your site?

As far as content infringement, you’d have to report them to their respective hosts.

I reported them to their host. But they don’t take any action on it. There must be someway that they can get hold of my site like when I update content etc they come to know. Cause its strange how come it would show my site URL on their site google cache then? There must be something fishy.

I just looked at your links, and those websites don’t have your content. Whatever that Google link is, it’s very wrong. Whatever hostname I put in there, it shows your content. Where did those cache links come from? The cache key is the same for most of them.

Clearly, Yahoo isn’t scraping your content for their front page.

There are 4 sites

You can search their sites on google search. And you click on their cache. It will all show my site

I see what you mean. To me, it looks like those sites have been hacked. This typically happens when unscrupulous websites want to drive traffic to their own sites.

that’s correct. Now tell me could you help me on this?

@markbowan4ever, please correct me if I got this wrong, but you are complaining about sites using your content when your content is about selling - straight from your site - Louis Vuitton fake bags. Is that right?

Sandro - I don’t get you, selling straight from your site? I think they are trying to steal my rankings by cloaking software. I complained to google. There was one more earlier google update that cache and removed my site cache. But these sites I mentioned google is not doing it.

My point is you appear to sell products which pretend to be something which they are not, original Louis Vuitton products. Now I do not want to claim to have the highest moral standards but I find it a tad ironic that you complain about others trying to play the system when you are not exactly innocent here either :wink:.

Well. that is not your point and not your problem to proof it. It is between the lawsuit between me and the brand name, none of your business. It’s better you mind your own business. The game here is the sites that cloaked. You are on the different track. If the brand name has problem they would file lawsuit, it got nothing to do with you. stay off.

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