Many of my site visitors are being asked for a managed challage

Hi Cloudflare community.

Many of my site visitors are reporting they are seeing the following message when coming to my site. But not all

Removed image for privacy

Currently. I have the Super Bot Fight Mode set to Managed Challage

Could this be because its picking up false positives?

Its a few second delay at max, unless they have disabled javascript or got some high shields up on their browser, then they made get a manual recaptcha, if not it will pass, i see these from time to time and its a matter of a blink of an eye, i am on the webpage.

As for an increase, not sure i know the scoring was a bit out of whack yesterday.


So does this mean that every broswer/user/ip that has never been to my site before see this message?

Most genuine users should be fine, unless they have some hardcore privacy features enabled or maybe using tor nodes then they may get one, most times if they do its the one to three second check, it use to be manual hcaptcha, those have been reduced by a far margin.


So most genuie (nornal home ISP visitors) wont see this at all?

If they are using legit browsers and legit users it should be minimal, unless they are flagged from an infected fingerprint or ip address used in a ddos.

Unless a site owner has set manual rules to challenge users from a particular ip range, asn, useragent etc then they will.

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