Many errors on different website checkers and different browsers

Error establishing a database connection [edge]

Error 524: A timeout occurred Ray ID: 5cb4459e9d68de35 • 2020-08-31 05:15:08 UTC


508 Resource Limit Is Reached [Firefox]

mxtoolbox .com

SOA Serial Number Format is Invalid
[name server] reported Serial 2035047543: Serial year was 2035 which is in the future.

SOA Expire Value out of recommended range
[name server] reported Expire 604800: Expire is recommended to be between 1209600 and 2419200.

woorank .com
ETIMEDOUT error occurs when the requested site took too long to respond to our request.


What could be the major problem I am facing and how to solve it?

I can cover a few:

Database – If your site is configured to use a hostname for a database, and that hostname is set to :orange:, it won’t connect. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy database connections. I generally use ‘localhost’, or you can try a direct connection to the IP address of the database server.

524 – The server didn’t respond within 100 seconds: Community Tip - Fixing Error 524: A timeout occurred

508 – Dunno. Sounds like a server issue.

MX Toolbox – Cloudflare uses their own serial number format. Not a problem. Expire 604800. TTL is about half of what toolbox wants. Also not a big deal…it will just refresh faster.

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