Many errors in the Cloudflare Panel


I added 3 of our company’s websites in the Cloudflare admin panel and I am getting all sorts of errors.

  1. Error 404 in the Cloudflare panel for the website
  2. Status stuck at initializing with a weird button text that redirects me to the support page when I press it.
  3. DNS modification pending even though I already finished this step and it was successfully recognized the first time.

The domains I try to add are IDN aliases to our main domain which the language is in Greek.

It there someone that had similar issues?
Thank you in advance.


Have you tried another browser? Do you have any extensions installed which could possibly interfere?


Yes. All major browsers in different computers both in and outside of the company network. The issues remain the same.


I’d open a support ticket in this case.


Since we are in the free plan at the moment we only have two options, to ask the community or advise the Cloudflare Help Center.


Cloudflare provides email support for free plans too. Response times are just slower.


I checked everywhere and all links redirect me to the Cloudflare Support Center or the community. Is there an email which I can get in touch with support directly?




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