Many Error 520


I have many errors 520. I contacted my host. Say me all it’s ok.
The website is

Can you help me ?

Thank you,


520 is covered at Community Tip - Fixing Error 520: Web server is returning an unknown error

If it happens intermittently, it would suggest your server occasionally returns an invalid response. That could e.g. because of rate limiting on your server’s side. Have your host check if they have anything of that sort in place or if they block Cloudflare connections under certain circumstances.

My host answer me, all it’s ok. They don’t see problems…

They usually say that :wink: and it usually turns out to be some issue on their end.

I am afraid there is not more that I can say than

Thank you.

Do you recommend me to chang host? Which the best ?

I am not recommending to change the host, I cant comment on yours. All I am saying is these issues are in the vast majority of cases because of some throttling on the server side.

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