Many connections from Cloudflare IP (server down)

My server is like under DDOS attack because it has more than 280 connections from an IP of Cloudflare: 188.114.111.* (I attach image). Before it reached 297… without restarting. Now number growed again.
All-day long, the server was having this problem. My developer and hoster doesn’t know what to do as the IP is from Cloudflare, and we can’t ban it.

After restarting server, it works for a time, but later, again the same problem.

Thank you!

I see you’ve been on the forum for almost a year, so your site is probably on Cloudflare.

Because Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, all connections to your site come through Cloudflare and Cloudflare IP addresses. That’s why your server needs to restore Visitor IP addresses:

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