Many attackers block not help

Hello my domain get a lot attacks.
i blocked all countries execpt the target users country.
but still not help, i still see many numbers of attacks, my website very slow.
please any help about block attackers and make the website fast.
i am new to cloudflare and cant find more answers.

  • i want to know, if i block all other countries, how can i still open for website like gtmetrix , page speed to test my website?

Hi @nanlaindex

I would suggest that you change your security setting to high.

In your DDoS dashboard, you can deploy a DDoS override where you block global.

In your Bot’s dashboard, you can toggle on bot fight mode.

I do not see you have any rules blocking countries.

You can also create a rate limiting rule.

If you want to block all countries but still allow access for specific vendors, you can create one custom firewall rule the block all the countries but allow access to user agent or/and IP’s or/and ASN


country is in china
ip is not in

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