Many applications in the same server oad balanced


Hello, I am very very new in cludflare, as I need a service to balance the load of my applications and ensure HighAvailability I saw that the cloudflare service would fit with me as it seems very easy to configure etc. I paid for the load balancing service, and wanted to try with one of my apps, I have these servers:

Server A: with many backend applications running under mydomain and it includes that was the one that I needed to balance

Server B: only executing the second instance of myapp with no domain

So, while I was configuring it I noticed and want to know how to deal with it:

Cloudflare takes 100% control over my whole domain and not only the subdomain that I need to control, in this case, if so, then how is the recommended approach to handle this? as I have many subdomains pointing to differents servers

The application should be exposed in port 80 in each server, how can I use subdomains in cloudflare panel? this would allow me to host many apps in the same server and apply a proxy redirection depending of the subdmain requested (I really need a solution on this as I have many microservices)


nobody know anything about it?


What did you try so far? Here is a good tutorial for setting up load balancing.


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