Manually updated my A Records and botched some things


I had been using Cloudflare DNS but my TLD registrar was google. Google is phasing out domains so I transferred my domain registrar to cloudflare. I had never done this before I didn’t know I had to confirm emails from google and from cloudflare after starting the process.

During this time I talked to my host asking why it wasn’t working and they suggested I manually update the IP of the server in the A Records. This seemed odd but I did it and it worked for me.

The problem: The website doesn’t work for everyone. I have seen threads on here were people talk about needing to disable DNSSEC before the transfer and a bunch of questions before transferring. Since I have already transferred everything, is there anyway to just reset all the A record information to be correct? thanks

Yes, edit the DNS records is really straight-forward as long as you know what records you need to edit and the contents of those records. Here’s how

What is the name of the domain?

miseryloves [dot] us
It works fine for me but a ton of people say its not working for them. I had 2 entries for each record and they were both cloudflare IPs so I just changed one to the direct server IP and I feel maybe that was wrong? its all a mess now.

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Thank you. If a site is active on cloudflare and then added to a different account, different nameservers will be assigned in that different account and the records that are scanned will point to cloudflare IPs…that appears to be what is going on.

Note that one of the A records for the site in the account you are using here does has an IP that is not recognized and the other A record has a cloudflare IP as the value. The site has some history on Cloudflare,

You can check who owns an IP here, IP WHOIS Lookup.

Perhaps you had the site in a different account at one time and then added it to the account you are using here?

Best bet would be to contact your hosting provider and ask them to verify the IP address of your origin server and edit the A record in the account you are using here to that value. You can delete the second A record with the other IP

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