Manually entering Hostgator DNS records

So I’m pointing my domain, via Cloudflare, to HostGator from a previous hosting service. Everything was already set up and working via Cloudflare with the previous hosting service. My email is also already set up via Cloudflare and remaining the same.

So, as I understand, this requires manually entering the HostGator DNS records and removing the old ones.

HostGator has provided me with (details removed for security):
1st Nameserver:
2nd Nameserver:

THE PROBLEM: How do I enter these properly into Cloudflare? What are the record types, what goes into the “Name” field, what goes in the “Value” field?

Appreciate any help with this!

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The server IP should probably go in an A record, name ‘@’ and value ‘XXX.XXX.X.XX’

You will also need a record for www, either a CNAME name ‘www’ amd content ‘’ or another A record, name ‘www’ content same IP as the other A record.

You will also probably need to add some other records such as MX records if you also have email with them.

You can’t enter the nameservers anywhere at Cloudflare but can check with Hostgator about any other DNS records you need. You are also likely to be able to access them somewhere in their control panel.

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