Manually Apply WARP Service Token?

The documentation below describes MDM deployment but can a service token be manually applied to a WARP iOS device?

WARP > Deploy WARP > Device enrollment permissions > Check for service token:

Check for service token

Instead of requiring users to authenticate with their credentials, you can use a service token to enroll devices without any user interaction. Because users are not required to log in to an identity provider, identity-based policies cannot be enforced on these devices.

To enroll devices using a service token:

  1. Create a service token.
  2. Copy the token’s Client ID and Client Secret.
  3. In your device enrollment permissions, create the following policy:
Rule Action Rule type Selector Value
Service Auth Include Service Token <TOKEN-NAME>
  1. In your MDM deployment parameters, add the following fields:
  • auth_client_id: The Client ID of your service token.
  • auth_client_secret: The Client Secret of your service token.

When you deploy the WARP client with your MDM provider, WARP will automatically connect the device to your Zero Trust organization.