Manual route to turkey pop address

Hello, as you know cloudflare has a pop address in Istanbul, Turkey, and when you ping cloudflare it shows under you 2ms as ping
the problem in here is that when a user from iran wants to use cloudflare it uses the long path(germany i think and it gives them 100ms in latency) and it connects to the Germany/Europe pop address
if the user in Iran can connect to cloudflares turkey pop address it wil recieve higher speed and lower latency
So I am curious, can I just manually make users with Iran’s IP go to the Turkey’s Pop address instead of Germany

No, you cannot override any of that.

The destination you reach depends on your own ISP’s decisions, and how they are deciding to connect to the Internet.

If your ISP is refusing to establish any local and settlement-free peering with Cloudflare within their own country, you’re most often going to see something like what you explain, where the traffic is travelling to different countries or continents.

You can always contact your ISP, where you have these issues, and request that they set up a local and settlement-free peering with Cloudflare, but if you cannot persuade them to do so, there is nothing you can do.

Except of course, if your country or region allows for it, you could move your activities to another ISP that cares a lot more about doing what’s best for the Internet.

so the ISP is responsible for that!
thanks alot for your help and time

Yeah, quite often it is major ISP’s in certain areas, e.g. the ones with a dominating market share, who are not that easy (if even possible at all) to work together with.

It all comes back to bad business decisions by them.

Quite sad for their customers in such situations.

Glad I could help with some clarity to the situation. :slight_smile:

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