Manual DNS "ghost records" presented when entire zone is destroyed and then provisioned via Terraform

I am trying to introduce Terraform in my workflow.
Whole zone and few DNS entries are created with Terraform.
Then for testing purposes one (CNAME) entry is created manually from CF Dashboard.
Then the whole zone is taken down via Terraform.
When zone is restored back with Terraform (which does not contain CNAME record) that CNAME record is still presented in a “new provisioning”.
Not sure is that expected behavior that manual entries are preserved when entire zone is taken down and back, but i decided to report that as it seems bit strange to me. I would expect that no “manual ghost records” is presented when restoring zone via Terraform.

My guess is that this is because Cloudflare doesn’t fully delete your zone. You should have terraform deleting the record before deleting the zone.

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