Managing Threat Score For Specified Country


Thanks for providing this great platform.

I have a question in regarding managing threat scores. I have been deep diving into information and help docs on cloudflare and out on the internet. However, my worries arise when I come across some conflicting information so I was hoping to get an offical support word.

I do seem to be having some spammy issues from a specific country (many types of spam and security attempt issues.

This is basically just a quick one to confirm before I make the following rule active. Could someone please confirm I have this threat score correct.

My aim.

To block anything that could be harmful and only allow legitimate connections come in. From what I have been reading and to my understanding this would be the rule to create.


I was hoping someone could review this and advise me if this is the correct way to make the rule based on my goal. (I have very low level knowledge of using cloudflare threat rules)

Basically, I was to have this country on high alert.


Hi @matthew.giannelis
Your rule looks pretty good, although I would set the threshold lower, since a threat score value above 10 may already indicate potentially spammy or bot activity.
Please also see here:

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