Managing routes and private IPs

So I have my tunnel up. I need to get my head around a few things now moving forward.

Can I manage routes directly via the cloudflared CLI? Is there a link you can give me for some good documentation on this?

I want to route all traffic from WARP client to my LAN with cloudflared running, do I need to enable split-tunneling for this and enabled INCLUDED IPs and specify the subnet there?

I also want to route all my OUTBOUND traffic through this tunnel as a exit node. Could I just use a simple route such as in cloudflared?

When connected and logged into clouodflared on my phone, I can see that the Private subnet of my LAN comes up “manage included route” so I must have done something right.

However, still struggling to get any LAN access from the phone. What am I missing?


Getting my head around Cloudflare is quite a challenge. I just basicly mastered OpenVPN cloud and now Cloudflare is like starting all over again. Im sure one I master it it will be great, I would love some kind of Structured diagram to show how everything works together and integrates.

eg. when creating my tunnel, do I need to create a firewall rule (on the dashboard) to allow traffic?
Are conencted tunnel clients assigned a private IP address? if so where can I find it?

Thanks for taking the time to help