Managing multiple sites with common configuration

I have a lot of sites that apart from the DNS records have the same (or almost the same) configuration. Is it possible to set some configuration for multiple sites at once? For example I’d turn “Always use HTTPS” and minifcation on for all of them at once.

It seems to me that this is not supported. While for the above mentioned options it’s probably just a one-time deal immediately after creating a site it would still be easier.

Thanks in advance!

I wish, but, no. It’s a manual process. Unless you can write your own script to use the API to enable a series of settings for that zone. With such a script, if you just change the Zone ID, you can probably auto-set everything you’re thinking of.

I see, thanks. I’d probably take a look at the scripts.

What is the best way to bring such suggestions up to the attention of Cloudflare? Should I create a post about it here?

The only place you can do this, that I know of, is in the firewall. You set rules to work in “All websites in account”.