Managing multiple customers/accounts


Right now I have 3 Cloudflare accounts that I created over time. It’s a pain to manage all 3 accounts separately. I have to login to each one and authenticate via MFA. The main reason I’ve done this is to keep my customers separated, but this doesn’t scale well.

I’d like to have all the domains managed under one account. I know how to transfer the domains to a single Cloudflare account. But does Cloudflare have some sort of segregation within the account? A concept of a category, a label, a group. Anything along those lines to keep the sites separated in the account?

For example namecheap has “labels”, azure has resource groups and subscriptions.

I’d like to create some sort of identify for each customer that I manage under one account. Does something like this exist? Preferably something I can interact with via the API as well.

Thank you!

You can share access with your primary account, this is the recommended way of doing it.

Awesome thank you!

There is a new Partner program in Beta, which is probably what you are looking for.

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