ManageWP receiving 525 statuscode from Cloudflare

Hi All.
I was using ManageWP to manage my wordpress website, but the uptime monitor shows “Down for 9d 7h” And I have this error message form ManageWP "You’re receiving the 525 statuscode from Cloudfare.

My website is still up just the monitor show down. Previously is all working fine, not sure why is this happening.

Hello there,
What’s the site? Have you taken any steps so far to resolve?

From my ManageWP support, they are using Site24x7 monitor tools.

{However, the Uptime monitor tool sometimes generates false-positive results since this is the result of the IP addresses of the 3rd party service ( Site 24x7) which we are using for the Uptime monitor tool being blocked on a server level or under any security plugin/firewall.

In order to prevent any false-positive downtime in the future, I suggest making sure that Site24x7 IPs are allowed ( especially within the Cloudflare since it looks like you are using it on this site as a proxy service).}

This is what they say.

You can configure that in Cloudflare.

Im new to this, may I know how to do it? what and where should I do it?

That’s available in WAF option. Create a rule to allow the IP. That should work. This doc should be of help:

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Have a look here:

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